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     Mei Ka Printing & Publishing Enterprise Ltd. was established in 1982. Our factory is located at Guangzhou, China, which has a capacity of more than 30,000 square feet and employs over 300 staff.


Printing Service to Mutual Success    

     Our success is not only attributed to having the most advanced equipment, we pride ourselves in being able to foster a group of experienced workers with a “second to none” work ethics. In addition our management team is professional and operates with unparalleled efficiency to ensure all our clients’ tasks are met.



     Mei Ka provide an array of products, ranging from design to production, and not limited to, inter alia, “Fok” (“Fortune” in Chinese) and mini “Fok” calendars, cane wall scroll calendar, desk calendar, lucky packets, diaries, brochure / catalogue, instruction booklet, offices stationery, invitation / wedding invitation cards, various decorative packaging boxes, tailor-made non-woven bags and corporate gifts/souvenirs.


     Also, our business objectives are envisaged by providing and ensuring high quality of standard in our products and an emphasis on quality customer service.


     Moreover, we are determined to always deliver our goods on time and provide customers with the best available price. It is our ethos to facilitate and support our customers to pursue their goals, to provide unbiased professional advice and maintain a detail-oriented mindset when dealing with clients and their requests.


     We certainly welcome customers to provide in-house designs and from there we will integrate our expertise and resources to fulfill the needs stipulated by the customers. Mei Ka Printing & Publishing Enterprise Ltd is your one-stop service for all your business needs.  Our service


      The success of our company comes from the trust, recognition and support we have received from the local and overseas customers. Along with the continuous technology improvement, we strive to enhance our technical competencies in the ever-changing environment, to uphold our reputation in providing quality products and adhering to our business objectives.

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